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Our practice offers a full range of services to treat all of your general and cosmetic dental needs.


Restorative dentistry

Upon diagnosis of decay, you have several filling material options to restore your tooth. We place amalgam fillings (silver colored) most often in posterior/back teeth due to their ability to support larger biting forces. We also offer composite (tooth colored) fillings which are most often placed in front teeth but can also be placed in back teeth upon request. Another treatment option is ceramic or gold inlays and onlays. These are often good treatment options when the tooth has a large cavity but does not require a crown. These require two appointments and are cemented into the tooth.


Fixed crowns and bridges

If a tooth has broken, has a large restoration and then has recurrent decay, following a root canal on a back tooth or in other selected cases, or if there is a missing tooth surrounded by two teeth, the tooth/teeth requires a crown or bridge. Crowns and bridges can be made of all-ceramic, ceramic over a metal substructure or gold. This requires two appointments. During the first appointment the tooth/teeth are reduced a pre-determined amount based on the material the crown/bridge will be made of and an impression is made of your teeth. A temporary restoration is placed over the teeth that have been prepared and the impression is sent off to a dental laboratory. You return two weeks later and the permanent crown/bridge is cemented into place. It functions and looks like your natural tooth/teeth.


Dental Implant Restorations

If you have lost a tooth due to decay, fracture, periodontal disease or an accident, it can be replaced with an implant. The implant is placed in the bone by an oral surgeon or periodontist. After several months, depending on the location of the implant, it is restored with an implant crown to restore the area to full form and function. It looks like your natural tooth in shape and color. Implants are a great restorative option when the surrounding teeth have no previous restorations or problems. If you are missing several teeth in an area, an implant supported bridge can also be constructed. The implant crown is cemented directly onto the implant, like a regular crown is cemented onto your tooth. It is a permanent treatment option that is more esthetically pleasing than a partial denture.



For patients with cosmetic concerns about their front teeth, there is a more conservative option than a crown. If you do not like the look of your teeth but there is no decay or associated problem with them, we can minimally reduce your teeth and have all-ceramic veneers (facings) made that will help recontour your teeth and change their overall appearance. Veneers also allow us to change the shade of the tooth if it is discolored.


Partial dentures

For patients who are missing several teeth in various positions in their mouth or who have a long-span area without teeth, another restorative option is a removable partial denture. This is a metal or plastic based piece that is custom fit to your mouth that has plastic teeth on it that will replace the missing teeth and restore you to full functioning abilities. It can come in and out of your mouth to be cleaned. It requires a series of appointments to custom fit the base and teeth.


Clear Correct

Clear braces that straighten your teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners Read More


MI Paste Treatment

MI Paste restores the oral mineral imbalances that cause cavities by replacing the minerals and increasing salivary flow and fluoride uptake by the tooth. It can be helpful in patients with sensitivity, patients with dry mouth, helps reduce acid levels, and during orthodontics to help prevent white spot lesions. Read More


We also offer:

Tooth Whitening
Snoring Appliances
Bruxism/Grinding Appliances
State of the art sterilization center
Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment
Digital Radiographs to reduce your radiation exposure
Oral Sleep Apnea Appliances (with a physician’s referral)
Snap on smile read more


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